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The new demo is out!

The new demo is out on Patreon!


Here are some clips from the new demo:

If you're stuck, here is a walkthrough!

Everything below relates to the old public demo. A new public demo will come out eventually once more work has been achieved!


Explore a fun and colorful world filled with dungeons and secrets in this (almost) mouse only game, fight monstergirls in a unique type of battle that mixes puzzle, RPG and shoot'em up elements, create items and spells through the use of alchemy. 


Taking inspiration from several games of the dungeon crawler genre such as Darkest Dungeon and Etrian Odyssey, exploration in BE Witches takes the form of a room based 2D point & click. Unlike many dungeons crawlers, every room is handcrafted and unique. Find treasures and ressources, enjoy cute dialogue, and discover secrets!


Being a mix of puzzle game, RPG and shoot'em up, the fights in BE Witches are unlike anything ever made! Line up blocks of the same color to obtain mana and cast spells all the while avoiding and destroying shapes, summoned by your opponent. All of this amounts to a high tension kind of battle that requires you to react quickly to an ever changing situation. 


Many items, accessories, spells and more can be created through alchemy, as long as you have the required ressources and recipes. 
If you can clear the puzzle tied to the recipe, your item will be synthesied!


Last but not least, the amplification system allows your characters to become stronger by clearing a set of condition. This is when the magic of BE happens! Each character can amplify up to rank 5.

This version of BE Witches is a beta, everything is subject to change. You can learn more about the game's development and monstergirl poll on my Patreon page:



(Walkthrough here!)

Updated 26 days ago
StatusIn development
Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(258 total ratings)
GenreAction, Puzzle, Role Playing
Made withGameMaker
TagsAnime, Cute, Erotic, expansion, Fantasy, growth, moe, monstergirl
Average sessionA few hours


BE Witches 20 08 2020 (installer) 78 MB
BE Witches 20 08 2020 (portable) 78 MB
BE Witches 18 06 2020 Cheat Version.zip 78 MB
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is this an h game ?

It has monstergirls and boobs, but no sex or nudity!

How to reset your saves?

If you're playing the free version, you'll have to go to the BE_Witches folder in Appdata/Local and manually delete your save there.

The new patreon version lets you do that in the file select screen ^^

does anyone know how to unlock the pyramid sand castle ?

You'll need to drop Spiral from your inventory, and then drag & drop it onto the sandcastle ^^

If you're stuck, you can find a walkthrough here:

https://www.patreon.com/posts/92141393 (for the patreon exclusive demo)

https://www.patreon.com/posts/walkthrough-by-33962675 (for the old public demo)

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I don’t have the spiral in my inventory

Oops my bad, I meant Spiral sand. It's dropped by Jellies in the new demo and by shape fights in the old one.

Deleted 30 days ago

why demo v5 doesn't have a spiral ?

which new demo ?

Just out of curiosity, have you looked at the page? White text on a black and white background is pretty difficult to read.

Sorry, I'm not sure which page you're referring to!
Don't hesitate to post a screenshot if that helps ^^


NVM, my bad, I forgot I had a filter on to auto darkmode most sites. But it does wonky things to Itch. 눈_눈 Now I look forward to actually being able to read your page and trying your game!


Oh lol no problem, thank you! ^^

horrible time cuz im 2 days late to the party but merry Christmas nose becc and to all who read this

ps. i would buy the patron for Christmas but now economy is high as hell and im going broke so maybe another time but still sorry i could not provide for such a game

Thank you, Merry Christmas to you too! ^^

And no problem of course, I'd rather you don't ruin yourself for my sake. Take care of yourself!


i hope you best of luck for the road ahead and the problems you will face

Not sure what I hate more, the combo shape battles introduced in the forest, or the game thinking it owns my computer and not allowing me to switch to a different tab or move the mouse out of the window

The shapes during normal fights are one of the main features of the game and are here to stay, I'm afraid! Though there is a lot of balance work left to do, for sure.

Does alt+tab not work for you? I just tested it and I have control over everything after tabbing out of the game. If you have more info on this bug, I might be able to fix ^^

Yeah I'm seeing that, I got used to them because the world lore is pretty interesting so my desire to learn more made me adapt lol

I feel so stupid right now. I've been using Win+Tab for so long that I forgot about Alt+Tab being the OG

Aah, I completely forgot about Win+Tab!

Well in any case, I'll unlock the mouse in the "Stop playing" screen. Not a perfect solution, but better than nothing ^^

More than I could ask for! Greatly appreciated!

seems like a fun, promising game but i am having some issues with usability…specifically not being able to tab out during regular game play and not having dedicated volume controls. Did I just miss something?

Opening the inventory and clicking on the "settings" tab will give you access to volume controls ^^

I'm able to tab out of the game without issues with alt+tab, could you explain what happens for you?

I tried that one-maybe it’s my laptop settings. My keyboard is basically locked to only game functions-my settings menu didnt have sfx control when I checked the settings tab in inventory. I’ll check again in case of cranial flatulence.  

Ooh you're probably playing the Itch.io version! This one is old and didn't have the volume sliders. They've been implemented in the newest one.

Mmh... I don't know what to say about your keyboard being locked though, I can tab out of the game just fine, but it's a bit worrying for sure. I'll take any info you have! If I can understand what's happening, I might be able to fix it in a future build ^^



Not every track has been released yet, but you can find most of them here:


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what BE witches will released on steam nosebecc?

BE Witches will be released on Steam eventually yes! I don't have a release date currently.

Here is the Steam page: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1448620/BE_Witches/


hey im back after a while of work and stuff like that so uh how is the game so far? i have not got to try it if there is any thing new so uh nose becc you see this let me know if the game got updates

im hoping to see this game hit big later on down the road and just intrested

Thank you!

There's been a huge update in October actually! I've been releasing new builds monthly since to fix various bugs and improve all sorts of things.

This is all Patreon only stuff though. I do plan to release one last free public version once more work is done, but that's the gist of it so far ^^

(1 edit) (+1)

your welcome and thank you!

I was also wondering if you are able to get back to sablee at all after leaving it as I missed quite a few power orbs or is there no way to go back and collect what i missed.

You will be able to once you beat the story, yes!
There will be a sign in the final room explaining how to ^^


Thank you, keep up the excellent work.


Though not my cup of tea gameplay wise, really original take on the levelling up systems. The crafting & equipment seem to add a lot of variety as well. Keep it up 👍


is it just me or is it very weird this guy compares B.E. witch to digimon?

Hey, thank you for playing!

I will say that the new demo does a much better job at introducing gameplay elements over time (it's currently Patreon only but will become public eventually).

The one you played... Let's say it was more of a proof of concept than anything.

Thanks again! ^^

Okay, thanks I will have a look. One last question aswell is it possible to transfer saves from previous versions to newer versions?

You won't be able to transfer your save from the itch.io demo to the patreon one, there's been way too much change since ^^

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How do I smash the barrels in Biscotti?

Edit: nvm, I guess I forgot to read the sign

(2 edits)

So i cannot for the life of me find the Sand ant honey the walkthrough talks about. I go to the room in the ocean that has the 3 colored puzzles, cyan green and yellow respectively, and when i go in and look in the top right corner of the screen to find the button that spawns the chest there's no button. I feel really stupid lmao

(EDIT) Yeah totally spaced on the fact i could just buy it, feel even dumber now. But for an actual question, will the overworld sprites change in the full version based on rank or is that too much spritework for the current roadmap?

Also if you die in the mushroom tunnels and it spits you out in the plains you can't get back into the city, how does one get back?

The overworld sprites will change based on rank yes! Though I can only guarantee a change at rank 3 and 5 currently since it would be a lot of work.

Sorry about the mushroom tunnels thing, that's a bug I wasn't aware of... I'll make sure to fix this in the next version.
You won't be able to get back inside normally, so for now you'll need to use debug mode to get back inside:
Hold Enter and Left shift, then press F2 and you'll hear a jingle indicating that debug mode has been activated.
Then, press Left control to enable the ability to walk through any door (you'll need to leave and come back to the current room for it to take effect).
I recommend pressing Left control again once you're done to disable that mode, and then doing the same key combo as before to disable debug mode (Hold Enter and Left shift, then press F2).
I also recommend saving in Biscotti so this doesn't happen again!

(1 edit)

Thank you for the reply, I must have been blind because i walked Biscotti top to bottom and never saw the save room, I knew i missed it but didn't wanna walk aimlessly forever trying to get it lmao. Other than that the games fantastic, albeit leveling has been a bit slow for the off party members but thats just something I'll have to deal with :)

(edit) Yeah I saw the red line on the map and thought i couldn't get into the save room, complete mistake on my part lmao.

Thank you so much, I'm glad! ^^
Since there are a lot of characters, I do want to add some way to level up faster in a future version, for sure.

Aah you know what, I didn't consider that the save room being red could be interpreted like that. I might have to make it another color then!

I vote for it being Pink or purple lol

lol I might go purple yeah ^^

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Can anyone tell me if I’m missing something with this smash mushroom minigame in the tunnels?

The timers for the later puzzles feel so insanely restrictive to full clear the puzzle when targets move so erratically and nobody else seems to have an issue with it so I feel like I’m somehow missing a mechanic with the minigame itself. 

I been here for days!

Sorry about that! This minigame has been causing a lot of people that same issue.

I'll be adding a way to autoclick, but I'm also considering extending the timers/slowing down the mushrooms in some patterns.

(1 edit) (+1)

does anyone know why i can't enable debug mode? I'm pressing and holding left shift and enter before pressing f2 on my key board, it could be my key board since my f2 is also my volume decrease button but I'm not sure.

edit: figured it out, apparently my fn lock was on, I didn't even know that was a thing until now.

hey, for those who wanna complet the almanac have your character of chose equip the tea set while they fight, i don't know for sure why but this seems to let the entries go through. my best guess is the almanac runs a second check under different parameters when the tea set is equiped.

Hello, friends, could you help me? I've been there for almost a week, I've already killed all the enemies in the three areas, the outside of the forest, the inside of the forest and under the tree, and I simply can't figure out how to get out of there. could you help me? I'll  thank you a lot

(2 edits)

Can you drop your forest map? Because at full exploration it looks like this. (drew one of the walls as red so it didn't confuse you that you lost some passage right at the start of forest)

(1 edit)

does anyone know if T drops anything other than batteries, I've tride a few times and thats all shes giving me and yet the guide says she does drop something called Flat getas, a traditional Japanese sandle, is it something that only drops in the post game rematches or in her initial boss fight?

edit: finally got if, also consistently got only to items leading up to this save for the one before this drop which gave 3 batteries.

(2 edits)

I don't know if someone have already figured it out and wrote here, but there's alt way to get shards - when one of your witches is sad, click on her multiple times in short time to make her happy and she will give you a bit of shards, and sometimes corresponding drop (Celerea gave me milk and Rose gave me a stick)

I could not figure this out for the life of me, help is appreciated

(1 edit)

i see, thanks. But where was this hint in game? Is it in the dome as well?

also, am i not doing this correctly?

if you use the slam it will show what stars the star you hit will conect to, as for what your doing wrong the bottom right most star conects to the top middle star and the middle star connects to the bottom left most star if memory serves right.

That was close

The hint is located in the dome, but that's an endgame location.

I have a question, for the witches revived, how can I level them up? I can't add them to my team or anything yet.


Team edit is available at Biscotti and Night Domain, there are card-deck like icon near the clock. That's about adding the to the team.

About leveling up. Remember the sigil at Sablee where blue seal were originally located and where you defeated Klehss? Look for the same thing at Biscotti. You can click on it and after meeting certain circumstances (level, amount of power orb, amount of shards) you can level up a witch.

anyone know why certain character cards won't fill out, for some reason the jellyfish pirates card wont say they drop tentacles and spiral sand despite having fought like 20 of em.

Currently items aren't registered, kill count isn't saved, crashes can occur... So yeah the almanach requires quite a bit of fixing still, sorry about that!

How do you get the spiral sand item?

it's a drop from the jelly pirates, you'll Likely have to kill a few of em with 100+ combos to get it.

stuck in biscotti. What am I supposed to do in these locations?

second image green leaf, pull it with the green cursor

How do I fix this? I've tried many ways but it still doesn't work.

Hint: Inventory Trillobite

(1 edit)

I don't understand how they are arranged.



That's what i was talking about.

thank you very much

(2 edits)

So apparently you can use spells during the shape fights, at first I thought that it was because I was in debug mode but it works in normal gameplay too, the blue bar to the left is your "mana" at it has 4 leves, if you press left shift it cycles through the spells and after a couple of second they are cast, each one requiring from 1 to 4 notches of mana, the fist one heals you (I think), the second one gives you a random power up that shoots enemies, the third gives you a trinket after the fight (gives you +0.1% exp multiplier which sounds pretty useless  10% more exp) and the fourth one a stronger power up (I think).

Edit: It gives you a +0.1 exp multiplier, so 10% more xp, not 0.1%, it's actually really useful, I'm just dumb.

The trinket is different in each area. For example, you will get a +30 HP triangle trinket in the forest.

(1 edit)

How do you enter debug mode?

hey, does anyone know of some really well hidden stars in the night dome location ive spent 2 days looking all over the map and i can't find the last star i need for 1000

I found my last ones in that hidden room, I don't remember exactly how to access it but I think it was a hidden lever that was blue so it blended with the background.

i am almost certaint I've gotten that one looking at the area again with a fin tooth comb and i cant see a single lever.

(1 edit)

Behind one of the trees a blue-tipped lever, noticed it myself only after some time.

Edit: added a screenshot.


(2 edits)

Nosebecc. Asking that since i've been flying through cutscenes by F9 in debug for god knows how many times in my savefile - is there a way that this can somehow bug the witch revival? 

Klehss is revivable and playable, i guess Celerea are too, but no matter how much i kill them in their respective fights/fights in the endgame room - i can't get their skeletons.


Yes, both Klehss and Celerea are available. To get Klehss the octopus pirate you currently have to enter Debug mode (Left Shift, Right Enter, F2) and press F12 during the revival cutscene when you first revive her. (then middle-click to restore focus I think). My best guess is to get the Combo meter to 100 before defeating them, then they might be available for revival… unsure. If you feel cheaty or just tired, tapping 1 on the NumPad to the right will give you 10 Combo a tap, and M will insta-kill the opponent.

(1 edit)

"and press F12 during the revival cutscene when you first revive her."

The thing is that i already plot-revived her during the normal playthrough and she isn't available at reviving menu anymore, or you mean during the 33-34 cutscene?

(3 edits)

After I beat the game, for some reason she re-appeared in my list of revivals. Be aware that if you revive her without using the f12 technique you will be reset back to the start of Biscotti… along with all revivals after that storywise getting locked up.

So they have to be released again. oh and also if you don’t use the f12 you won’t get Klehss again, so it’s like double bad.

(3 edits)

Noticed the revive reset. But i think that avoids the girls which are already in your party (?), got my ghost and mushroom girls saved like that.

Eh, even if revive reset means another shard farming for reviving everyone all over again, then that's isn't a big deal with ghost's orbitals attack.

Edit: Fixed almost everything. Just like i said in the first comment, because i was flying through cutscenes aka game progress by F9, my game stuck at 33 cutscene (was too lazy to find the revive back in the day so was using a scripted one). Got back to 43th and now missing skeletons are back. Now i get what you were talking about Klehss and F12.


As Bareon said Klehss can only be unlocked through that process in the current demo. I'll have a new build very soon where this problem is fixed!

Cerelea should be revivable after you finish the story, I'll check and make sure that's the case in this upcoming build!

(1 edit)

So in the tunnels how are you supposed to get to that room in the top left? I got to the room with the window but I can't get to the other side of said window no matter how hard I look.

Edit: Nevermind, I found it.

yeah, those buttons are strait invisible, there's one more in the room right before the first mushroom puzzle and another one in the room right after the secret tunnel to get the first half of that puzzle combo

Does anyone know a reliable way to farm the red shards (fei shards?), I know where to farm money and exp, but now I'm out of the shards to revive and  rank up all the characters, the only way I found is to get lucky and get a shape fight while exploring which is super rng dependent. 

(3 edits)

As far as i know - shape fights are the only reliable way to get shards.
You can speed up this process a bit with debug mode (SHIFT+ENTER+F2), after it's activation you can click left/right CTRL and that will allow you to go any direction even if you encounter a fight, and you can do it until you encounter shapes fight.

By the end of such farm every section of location map can be filled with normal fights.)) Edit: Added a screenshot

Thank you so much, I was already farming in that area but it was quite slow, being able to just ignore normal fights with the debug menu makes things so much better.

does anyone know how to adjust the cannons angles for the night sphere puzzels to hit balloons that are higher up?

Choose smash-cursor and hold the button with it.

i feel like I've done that already but I'll give it another go.

it worked and i got to say it's crazy to think it was that easy and i swear i did that at least twice before now.

Yeah, with the pointer the little rollers on the cannons are for grabbing, then use the Mouse wheel. Lets you move them left and right. In smash mode, the bar on the front fills up to show the power and height.

Can you make a mobile version please 

I need some advice for solving this mystery.

use the slam fist to figure out the order to connect the stars, for this one the middle star connects to all other stars save for the one at the top right to it, then the stars to the left and right connect to each other while the top right one connects to the right middle most star.

hey, you wouldn't happen to know how to adjust the cannons do you, i know how to move em left and right but what about up and down for the room with 2 cannons?

does anyone know why i don't have a crown next to the slime nurse despite having defeated 100s of them and getting the unheal item like 20 times? had the same thing happen with the goblin and jelly and in the case of the goblin it randomly corrected itself after a battle with them but it's not happening with the maid.

(1 edit)

Where does Jelly Tentacle appear? I've farmed jellies to level 5 before fighting the captain, and then up to level 9 afterward, before ever visiting the pyramid. I feel like I've clicked all over every screen, with every button on my mouse (including scroll wheel), because it is BE Witches, and I still haven't found one.

PS - Still have the original demo, it's great to see it's still being worked on. Gotta respect half the titlular content being primarily hidden behind Kings's Quest-grade puzzles.

PPS - I'm failing to find tentacles in the 2023 10 07 demo

(1 edit)

Tentacles come from the fights with the starting pirate girls. Get the COMBO meter to 50 and 100 to get guaranteed drops. The rarity of the tentacles is a tiny issue though so it might take a few fights.

Thanks, I saw in the guide that it is listed as dropping from them, so I figured. I think the issue is I usually beat them at around 45 combo meter, didn't realize drop rate was linked. Tyvm!

can't switch my characters from the save area because it gives an error that says this: 




action number 1

of Other Event: User Defined 2

for object obj_CharaSelectSpellCard:

Push :: Execution Error - Variable Index [9016,5] out of range [1,-1] - -7.itemInfo(100002,288512005)

at gml_Object_obj_CharaSelectSpellCard_Other_12



Don't use the second trinket slot. It is buged

NPCs keep hinting to it but I can't find the secret area in the forest (if it even existes), can I get some help 

i got you, in the underground tunnel system, in the last room ypu get access to look to the top left of the room and you'll see a leaf you can pull (note: unlike EVERY other version of this, the leaf isn't a different color) simply pull it to reach the golden tree.

Thanks, some of these secrets are very well hidden

I'll say, especially in the sewers, I strait up couldn't find the hidden rooms up in the top left corner until I happened to get a battle in both rooms, which I had to intentionally do after noesbecc told me the location.

It was asked before, but does anyone knows how to open the bottom door on the 3rd floor of Auria Tower? I'm losing my mind

on either floor 4 or 5 where you cant enter 2 of the rooms theres a lever on the bottom right rooms left most wall that will make it disappear and give you access to a pit fall, go through that and you eventually reach the room thats locked from the other side.

thank you so much, I was starting to lose it

no problem.

is the update getting put here as well?

Will be, when the new demo will be polished enough from bugs and etc. I think it will be at the start of 2024.

lookin forward to it

It's as mixamasl said, though "sometime in 2024" is as close as I've got for a release date for now!

Completed the game and now vaccuming locations. I don't get Auria Towers at all - map shows that i'm missing 25-50% of the hidden treasures on several floors, but no matter how much i look at every room, my eyes can't spot anything.

Any hints? Maybe i should somehow interact with the "steam sillouetes"?

Some of the bricks are discolored. Try grabbing these!

I'm thinking about making these bricks a bit more obvious in a future update.

(1 edit)

I have noticed them - they are obvious enough already.
Better make the grabbing/scrolling feature itself a bit more obvious, because when you hover your mouse over something you can click - you hear a sound, but grabbing/scrolling doesn't have that.
I had the same thing with the cannons in the night dome - figured that they are moved by scrolling after several attempts to move them while grabbing the "lever" or what was that.

is this also the case in the mushroom sewers? I've been in there for hours trying to find the rest of the sewers and secrets, I found the hidden mushroom puzzle hidden behind the hidden mushroom puzzle but can't for the life of me find it's solution.

If you are talking about the one with the loop symbol, then there is a hidden button on the second room in A2. There's one last mushroom minigame there which is a nightmare to complete so I'll just post the solution here if you don't want to do it right away (Although you will have to, cause there's another hidden room to get in A1 that leads to a treasure that can only be unlocked by succeed the mushroom challenge)

Loop symbole is : Green - Pink - Cyan - Pink - Cyan

(1 edit)

where in A2 specifically? one of the tunes, the big mushroom room? is it second to the left or right, top or bottom?

found it thanks to nosebecc, I literally only saw the buttons thanks to a fight occurring in the rooms.

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