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I require help, I am stuck at the five weird Zig-zag puzzle, I've done it with green I'm just lost on how to make them all yellow, my mother got as far as making Four of them yellow

I recommend taking a look at the walkthrough:

Though I you only want a hint, know that you should only mix red and green. If you put a primary and secondary color together, they will be exchanged instead of mixed which is what you'll need to get all yellow.

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I just discovered this last night and I'm really excited to see where this goes in the future! Good job so far!

I see other people saying the monsters can rank up/BE too but nobody's elaborated on how. is there something obvious I'm missing, or is that just in reaction to the patreon monster rank teasers? I haven't actually beaten the boss of ocean BF1 yet, if that matters.

(edit: I should mention I am aware of the current intention of how that works in the full game, but I got the impression reading comments that there is a way to trigger it in the demo)

I really wish I could support this project monetarily, but all I can afford right now is glowing praise for how the game is in its current state. Again, Great Job!

Thank you! Yeah, you need to push the button after beating the B1F boss for the monster rank up.

No problem at all, I'm happy you're enjoying it! ^^

How about changing character sprites in travel mode according to current rank?

That's on the to do list, but it is low priority right now.

I can't seem to figure out how to capture souls despite doing (I'm guessing) just about everything else in the game.  I drag the Empty Crystal onto it like you do in the Spiral Sand puzzle but it just floats away.  I click the soul as the crystal floats past.  I swipe the crystal over the soul as if it were a jar.  I spin the crystal on top of the soul.  I put the crystal in my inventory and drag it to the "use" command while on a screen that has a soul.  None of these work.

You need to hold left click on the soul for about a second. Sorry, I'll make this clearer in the future!

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Thanks, that worked, and I think I've done everything there is to do in the demo now.  This is really a great game already, having tons more than many "full-release" games, and it manages that while being fairly unique in several ways and yet not being too obtuse.  I still feel I should offer some criticism, though (these are all minor points, but they're the biggest critiques I have):

The recipe to transmute "Slow (Combo)" needs three of "Slow" (Spell), which doesn't appear to be in the game.  The shop also directly offers this Combo unlike offering the spell components for the other transmutable Combos, so I'm guessing the shop entry is an error.

I've been everywhere on the map, gotten crowns on all enemies that I've run into, and have completed all transmutations (except for "Slow (Combo)" as mentioned above) other than Tea Set, and still haven't found a single Tea Plate.  (To be clear, none of the enemies I've run into have any undiscovered drops where it could be, either.)  I've also grinded out a couple dozen Shapes battles and have only seen drops that can also be gotten from tickling your characters when they're sad under water.  I've even switched to the blue tile just in case that was secretly relevant, and also captured a sad soul, and nothing.  This seems like another error/dead-end.

Having the characters and stage move in the exact same direction when moving North as when moving East is disorienting, and the same for the Southward movements being identical to the Westward ones.  My feeling is that it would be better for this to illustrate clearly/unambiguously even if it led to it looking worse aesthetically.  This actually becomes a problem for navigating in those circumstances where clicking on elements in the scene leads to moving to another screen (as opposed to using the navigational buttons).

The settings screen doesn't have audio controls... and I'm not sure where else they are in the game tbh.

I also have a few other comments:

It isn't entirely clear to me whether this is intended to be an erotic game or not.  Yes, it is named after and features an aesthetic element of a sexual fetish, but nowhere in the game is there any real nudity, sexual acts, or even suggestive language or poses by characters.  This is not a complaint or a criticism, I'm just noting the dissonance and I'm thinking some may feel mislead if the game will stay this way but continue to feature a sexual fetish in both its title and teaser animations.

It's really annoying to continue to be forced to fight random encounters with enemies that you've already "crowned" when you're trying to get a random encounter with another that spawns in the same area (especially when you're farming the other enemy's rare drop).  It would be nice, once you've crowned an enemy, to be able to craft something from their drops that lets you repel a random encounter of theirs that appears rather than have to fight it for it to go away, so that you can avoid maybe half of them over the long term.

There are a lot of items in this game that you receive before you know what they're useful for, which means the game is trying to tell you to hoard different sorts of items.  At the same time, both your personal inventory and the storage are limited, which means you're constantly having to clear out an entire type of item.  I feel that this implicit contradiction does nothing but detract from the game.  At the very least, I feel there should be some way to expand the storage.  (Might I suggest an interesting mechanic would be that you upgrade/"amplify" the storage, alchemy, and shop attendants in a way similar to how you do with the playable characters.)

edit: I just realized I hadn't been playing the most-up-to-date version, so if any of these issues have already been addressed, my apologies for the redundancy.

Thanks for taking the time to write this! I'll do my best to answer everything.

Ah damn, I thought for sure I had finally ironed out every mistake of that kind... I'll update the Slow spell thing ASAP.

If I remember correctly, the Tea Plate Recipe is hidden somewhere in 2 bottom rows of Sablee Ocean 1F. Here is a walkthrough in case you want to check if you missed anything:

Yeah, even I gets disoriented sometimes, it's a bit of a problem. I recommend looking at the map a lot in this demo (which also needs to be reworked a bit to appear bigger). Maybe I could keep the same animation, but have a large arrow pointing to the direction you're moving toward fly across the screen on top of it? I think this would help. Thank you!

Audio settings have yet to be implemented, they didn't seem overly necessary for the demo so I left them out for now.

The game does have some erotic elements, but I don't plan on adding nudity. As far as erotism goes, it's pretty much in the same vein as Omega Labyrinth/Senran Kagura/Dungeon Travelers. A future trailer will help make it clear what kind of game this is, I believe.

I agree! I plan to add a way to instantly destroy encounters if your level is high enough, as well as a usable item with the same effect. I also want an item to prevent either shape fights or normal fights to appear while you stay in the same floor. I also have something planned that will make it easier to farm a specific monster.

There will be ways to increase both your inventory size and the storage size. I also plan to have a way to send items to storage from anywhere under some conditions. I've considered amplifying the attendants, but sadly my current conclusion is that it would require too much work... But who knows, maybe.

Thanks a lot for your suggestions and criticiques! I really appreciate it ^^

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Alright, I was able ot find the button in the newest version (the 15 01 version has the kelp and shard in front of it both the same color, making it really difficult to see).  Also the "Slow" in the shop is the correct one in the up-to-date version already, so that also was fine.  Thanks again for making such a great game.

Yeah I updated it real quick yesterday.

I'm happy to know you enjoyed it! A lot of work still needs to be put into it for the final version ^^

I may be a bit slow, but how do you rank up?

Click on the big red crystal in the middle of town. You'll need to clear some conditions though, such as finding power orbs.

Thank you! I was a bit lost, I didn't see the tutorial sign post until just recently. Loving the game so far!

Hey I made an account just to comment this because you have absolutely blown me away with this game. I'm not into puzzling and stuff but my fetish was BE so this game really reeled me in.

Your art is so unique and sweet it looks fantastic, the animations, facial expressions, feeling of the world being alive and active, using BE to become stronger, fun gameplay it's all so amazing and addictive. I immidiately gave you five dollars on Patreon and once a new update rolls out i'll spend more money this is truly one of a kind of game, we have nothing like it out there so professionally made. The music is great for what it is right now, and once again the art and BE are glorious. Seeing that even the enemies grow bust sizes was a super neat feature I love it. I hope you don't drop this project because I really want it to become something big and one day actually release. Don't make me lose hope! Keep up the good work, once again this game is amazing!

Also that gif you use for the thumbnail on, I NEED it I cannot find it anywhere to download am I blind?

Thank you so much! That's a lot of praise. :D

I don't plan on ever abandoning BE Witches, so no worries there! Also the plan is to have every girl playable in the final game, meaning every girl can attain rank 5. They're not playable yet, so that's why I chose to have BE for the enemies instead for now ^^

As for that gif I haven't made it public yet, I kinda forgot about it tbh. I'll do next week! Thanks again

Thanks for taking your time to reply, i'm really glad that you have no intention of giving up that makes me really relieved to hear you have no idea. So you never planned on giving the enemies BE for the final game at all? I say keep it in if not because the enemy BE is fantastic.

Keep up the good work, you have my support.

The enemies will have BE, under some conditions.

No problem, thank you again! :D

How do I get more rare scales, how?

Grab a fish in the ocean and spin it real fast with the mouse wheel!

I will admit that I wish there was a way to see the monster art with all of the ranks you've discovered of them, so that you could get a good look at their sizes overall. Also, I just noticed that Rose's hips and butt expands with rank ups, too! I like that little detail. A way to be able to see the full art of PCs would be nice, too.

I plan on making a gallery in the final game for that very reason! Yeah some character get other changes, on top of BE. The Zombie also does but it doesn't show in the demo.

This game is awesome! I will gladly buy a full version when it releases. I think you should add an option to change/delete map notes and make location marker more visible. I've collected 3 power orbs, but can't complete fire shards quest. After killing about 20 imps none have dropped, and i still need 2.

Thanks! :D

You can edit notes by clicking on the map, clicking on a room with a note, clicking the note that shows up in the bottom right and then rewritting it.

You need to make item drops, either by destroying the pink star blocks, or by reaching 50 & 100 combos. Each white stars that appears guarantees a drop, though you won't know what it is until after the fight. Also, Saen' Liz drops fire gems commonly ;)

This game is great an all, but it needs a tutorial. Im simply stuck without a clue what to do. Can someone guide me through what to at puzzles with 5 slots either filled with shells or empty circles?

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These are simply hints for a puzzle on B1F, there are 4 such hints scattered around B1F. I do plan adding a hint system for non optional puzzles in the final game

Ah thank you sir, I actually found it out myself too. I really enjoyed your game, albeit I would suggest to drop some clues as some interactions are very specific and some puzzles are very unforgiving as when you are not being able to solve, you are basically stuck. all by all very nice game

Thank you! Fair enough, I'll try to improve my clue game ^^

Alright so thanks to you're help I finally got all the orbs, I need another fairy dust for Rose but Vuu is fully amped, and I gotta say this game is extremely my shit in regard to more power=more size. Will definitely look forward to more of this cute game. Also the changes that happen when you press the button after the boss are Real Nice.

Good job :D

And thanks! glad you enjoyed it!

Having a hard time getting the Fairy Dust for last Amplification, lol. Any tips on how to get combos high (or why some of the drops are super rare)?

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Fairy dust is kinda rare yeah. There are a few tricks yeah, destroying shapes and casting spells doesn't increase the combo but it does reset the combo timer, this allows you to keep the combo going while the grid is refilling. I also recommend the chain spell which increases the combo by 1, you can get it in the shop.

Don't hurry to finish the enemy, burn more oyos, don't let your combo break. When enemy dies with 100+ combo counter drop rate of rare items significantly increasing.

How do I get more rare scales? is it a recepie I havn't found or something else?

Fish spinning is how you can harvest scales from fishes in the ocean, you'll have to look for the green ones to get the rare scales.

Man I'm REAL BAD at the mana shard puzzle in B1 of the ocean and I can't for the life of me figure out any solution.

Which one? One of them is a bit tricky, you'll need to look around the room for a hidden element.

Both the one down the pit in the ocean dungeon and the one down the stairs in the ocean dungeon, I think its the one that needs them to be all purple. The one down the pit is extra painful because it locks you in the area until you solve it.

You need all yellow mana shards for the one down the pit, make sure not to mix yellow and cyan. As for the purple one, the green mana pellets are only there so you can mix them with the wrong shape purple shards.

On another note I assume the soft armband drops from some mob. Also I must be missing something on the shell puzzle because there's still a couple of hints I haven't found.

Yup, the fairy drops it. The shell puzzle with the turtle? There are 4 hints to find, all in B1F.

I am still having trouble opening the cave north east and the sand castle. I tried using spiral sand and the mud girl's arms but it does seem to do anything

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You will be able to open that cave as you explore the ocean dungeon. You were correct in trying to use the spiral sand for the sandcastle, you need to discard it from your inventory and drag & drop it onto the sandcastle.

Thanks, I am also having trouble finding the last fire shard. I found the hidden chest one with the lever but I can't find the last one and I really want to use them to make the last item for the pillar

Fire gems can be dropped by Imps and by Saen' Liz. I believe there is also a non hidden chest containing one on B1F.

For the life of me I cannot open the cave south of the city...Does it have something to do with the lever in the dungeon, that 'locks you in'?

That one is a bit tricky, you can actually open it at the very beginning. You need to use an ability explained in the 'How to play' sign in front of Vuu's house.

I found the purple pillar, the sand castle, and the boss fight orbs, but how do i get a fourth?

There is a pit on the first floor that leads you to a puzzle room with a button above the mana shard slots. There are several solutions to this puzzle, and the cyan one leads you to the last orb.

Got it, thanks :3

How do you complete the sand castle puzzle?

You'll need an item sometime dropped after shape fights. After that, discard it from your inventory and drag & drop it onto the sandcastle.

i'm pretty sure i'm stuck. i've explored all the rooms of the first dungeon, or as far as i can tell, at least. i'm lost as what to do!

ok i think i need to flip some switches? but this is living HELL with nightmare being a guaranteed spawn every time i come to that room

Yeah I'm sorry about that, Nightmare isn't supposed to spawn every time, I fixed this in the last update (18 01 2020). Once you beat her, there is a lever you can flip in that same room which opens a path that allows you to go up. After that, you can click the stairs to go down a floor.

Is there a solution to the purple totem puzzle with this update?

You need to insert the correct items in the correct slots in the purple totem east of town. You'll find other purple totems above water which reveal the solution. One of these is a bit tricky to find, in the cave south of town. You need to use an ablility explained in the 'How to play' sign in front of Vuu's house.

when i went to full screen for some reason the mouse cursor was being pulled to the right and i had to redownload the game

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This cursor is being problematic... Sorry about that, I'll work on fixing it. If it happens again, you can edit the "settings" file and set "fullscreen" to 0 instead of 1. This file is in appdata/local/BE_Witches (version date). Make sure to show hidden files to find it.

Could you tell me what your screen's resolution is?

my screen resolution is 1366x768 (and sorry for late response i forgot my password lol)

Hah no problem, thank you! This bug should be fixed in the latest version.

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The mouse, get stuck in the top right corner and can't be moved, ,EDIT it can be moved but will snap right back to the corner

Does this happen in the very first screen? I'll look into it right now.

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im actually having the same issue, normal windows 10, tried a few things to try and remedy this, as I seen noone else reporting it till this

However, mines stuck in the top left, but same issue, if you move the mouse real fast, you can click the next button, but it just snaps back to the top left 

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Interesting, My resolution was 2560x1440 144Hz monitor with Gsync

If I set my resolution to 1920x1080, I have total control over the game it seems

So that was my fix, I loaded the game with 1920x1080 as my resolution. Found the settings in the game, and turned off full screen. Quit. Set my resolution to what it normally is, and that worked out (I wanted it windowed anyways :p). Hope that helps both of you out!

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Thanks for the info! I'm working on it right now, should be fixed in a bit.

edit: Just uploaded a new version. the bug should be fixed. It's bit hard for me to actually check since it's screen resolution related.

Thanks again for reporting this! If anyone gets another cursor or resolution related bug (or any bug really), please post it here or send me an e-mail so I can fix it ASAP ^^

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Please continue to develop this game, I thoroughly  enjoyed the demo and would totally pay money for a full version!


Thank you, I will! And it will be waaay better than it is now :)

Ah hello! It looks like a very cute game, but for some reason, I keep getting this prompt when i try and play the game:

FATAL ERROR in Vertex Shader compilation
ShaderName: shdr_White

D3DXCompile failed - result

at gml_Object_obj_Title_Draw_0

Any idea what I should do?

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Sorry about the delay!

Take a look at the readme I included in the game folder, it contains a link to some drivers you might be missing.

If it still doesn't work, I'll take a more in depth look at the problem, but I won't be able to do so before another week, since I have limited Internet access right now... sorry :s

edit: here is a link that could also help you, it's for Downwell (great game btw), but the issue you're having is a pretty classic Game Maker problem:

Interesting concept. It's especially interesting for me that as you level up, some changes become rather noticeable, which helps uh... indicate your level

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Hard to believe that the goblins were easy-peasy but the weird beige girl was constantly healing and I couldn't beat her! Still though, I can see very much potential for this game. (Add sum more boobies, though!) It reminds me of Deep Space Waifu it the way it incorporates fun gameplay with 18+ content. Lastly, I made a vid of my gameplay. Enjoy.

Thanks! It was very interesting to see you learn how to play, though I guess I should make it more obvious that you don't have to select adjacent blocks, and that you can select more than 2 at once as well. The mud elemental heals all the time but has low HP, meaning you can easily overwhelm her by casting 3 or 4 fire spells at once.

Also yeah, there will be many more boobies.

are there still updates coming to this game??


Yes there are! It's taking a bit of time since I am working on it alone, but I'm making progress little by little. The next update will be a big one, but I can't say exactly how long it will take for now.

Thans for asking :)

thank you for the reply. i look forward t it. also if your looking for a composer i may have someone of interest

Well I can't say much about this game... IT'S AMAZING!!! The art style is beautiful and I can't get enough of the fast paced, on the edge of my chair game play! You are doing great on what your doing and I would love to support it in anyway!

Well then again just a small request can you make the area a little bigger? It would be even better roaming around like a 20 tile area!

Thank you so much! This is still a very early version of the game, which is why there are so few rooms with not too much to do in them, but I plan for the areas to be waaay bigger in the final game. There will be more monstergirls, more heart eaters, more blocks, more spells... Better everything, pretty much. I'm allocating as much of my time as I can to the game, and I'm hoping to have a big update ready in a few months.

I've also added a few links at the beginning of the description in case you want to know more about B.E. Witches.

Again, thank you, your comment means a lot to me! I'll keep doing my best! :)

You know I've always wanted to have a conversation with a game dev. But I know your very busy with all your crap and stuff like that, heck I tried having a conversation with a Youtuber but she was way too overwhelmed by her friends that she didn't really want to speak with me because it would be cringe like or something? Anyway I would and if possible WILL do anything to give in support. I would love to be one of your patreons or something but since I don't have a credit card and well if I used someone else's then they would be very confused why they're giving money to someone who is making a game about monster girls with huge breasts and butts. But if there is anyway possible I can contribute to improving the game. I would gladly help.

Ha X) Yeah that would be weird for sure, no problem. :)

Well since you are so adamant about helping me (thank you!), I guess I do have some trouble when it comes to spreading the word about B.E. Witches. Maybe you'd have some suggestion?

Let's not continue this discussion in the comments however, you can send me a mail at, or a pm on Patreon or whatever.

How can i get a new monster girl?

I'll add more in future updates, and each one of them will be recruitable. Sadly I don't have as much time I can spend on B.E. Witches as I would like, so I can't say when exactly this will happen. Probably in a few months, but don't hold me to that.

There is more info on my Patreon if you're interested, and I do weekly updates there as well :

Nice game play can be fast or slow rilly fun game keep up the good work man!


How do i save my game?

You can't in this version, as saves haven't been implemented yet.

Deleted 1 year ago

Yeah, this seems to be the #1 issue right now. There is a "how to play" .pdf, but making an in game tutorial will be one of my top priorities when I get time to code again.

The heart eaters can be destroyed in two steps :

  • first : you need to stun them by making blocks disappear on under them. (when you align 3 or more blocks of the same color, they blink for a short time before disappearing. If you can make a heart eater be on top of a blinking block, it will be stunned.)
  • second : Once stunned, the heart eater's core will be visible (red gem surrounded by a white circle). Just left click inside the circle and the heart eater will die, damaging your opponent in the process.

The best way to defeat self healing monsters is to gather as much red mana as possible. 60 red mana is a victory, but it's possible to defeat it with less by using combos and killing heart eaters.

Writing all this really makes me realize how much the game needs to have a tutorial. Thanks :D

It's not a bad start but a control guide would be greatly appreciated.

Yeah I need to work on a tutorial, the game feels a bit overwhelming right now.

Saw you post this on a game dev thread in /v/, and holy shit, is it relevant to my interests.

HAving that said, GODDAMn you make me work for the 'levels.' I need to try again later, but I couldn't get past level 4. AND I KNOW things get more 'intense' after level 4.

Your webm on /v/ showed as such.

I'm really looking forward to progress on this game.

I'm glad you like it!

Level 4 is actually the last level in this demo, and yeah, I didn't realise how hard it was at the time. This demo is actually pretty outdated by now, I'm working as hard as I can to have a new one ready by november which will give a better idea of how the game is going to work as a whole, not only the fights. 

Thanks for the support!